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In May this year, I was invited by the Zawadi Educational Trust which sponsors brilliant young women from Africa to the best universities abroad, to speak at their Annual Leadership Conference in North Carolina. I was to keynote on the subject of tackling work and life Beyond Graduation and was offered the latitude to select and make my pitch. As one can imagine, this is a topic that has no end. There are so many angles that one can take when given two hours to engage a group of highly intelligent, inquisitive young people seeking their rightful place in the world.

As the day drew near, I was unsure about how to approach the subject. You see, I graduated from university over 20 years ago. What was I to tell these Millennials who must make their way in a hyper-connected, super-industrialising world? . [..]


Ladder Of Inference


Exemplifying useful alliteration, it is named after the seven organisational elements: STRUCTURE, STRATEGY, SYSTEMS, SKILLS, STYLE, STAFF and SHARED VALUES and was conceived as a tool to assess changes in the internal situation of an organisation. The basic premise is that in order for an organisation to function optimally, these seven elements need to be aligned and mutually reinforcing. If any one of the elements is not working as it should, then the organisation may not achieve the high performance it seeks.


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In our issue on Branding- Issue #16, we presented an image of Adolf Hitler alongside other current and historical individuals. This was an error on our part. By placing him alongside positive change makers we were seen to have condoned his many dastardly acts. This was not our intention. We apologize profusely for this lapse in judgement. History is and will always be clear on the evil that Adolf Hitler perpetuated. The Editor