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I left the shores of my own safe home,
To wander a ship adrift in foreign storms,
In search of new adventure.
Out of the blue from winding queue
I alone was called by the security man.
“Yes you, madam just follow me,”
“We want a word or two,”
“We won’t be long” added the woman in uniform,
As she stretched her wide smile.
I stepped aside and followed swift with no commotion



Omondi— for that is his name, is really a most extraordinary guy. Such a capable guy, skillful, proficient, effective, efficacious, I always run out of superlatives to describe him. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known what to do without him. On a broader perspective, perhaps at first glance he’s like those layabouts you see sitting and peering sadly over the concrete seats outside the [..]

I pick my way over potholed pavements heading towards Nairobi City Market. Mirages rise off the shiny bonnets of parked cars. All the bays are taken. Parking boys gesture at slow-moving cars as though they could create space out of the hot air .[..]



Seen the sign in 1972 when a Mrs. Choudry owned the shop. She glanced at its current owner and doubted that the international delivery service guarantee still applied. At Maseno, when they crossed the imaginary line marking the .[..]


When my sister, Gladys, knocks on the front door, Murage refuses to leave the bed. “A preventative measure,” he says, “your sister gives me a headache.” Why do they say it is only women who sulk? I deliberately leave the bedroom door wide open. If he’s going to be that rude, let him be embarrassed. ”[..]

My side of the street

Chris Lyimo is an addictions consultant and inspirational speaker. He has had careers in film, counselling, hairdressing, human resources management and addiction treatment. He lives in Nairobi.[..]


That last Sunday of the year 2007, just a few days before Jimmy Gikonyo would turn 18 on New Year’s Day 2008 and become ineligible to use his family’s Nairobi Orphanage Lifetime Pass, he went to see his old friend, Sebastian the gorilla. He sat silently on the .[..]


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In our issue on Branding- Issue #16, we presented an image of Adolf Hitler alongside other current and historical individuals. This was an error on our part. By placing him alongside positive change makers we were seen to have condoned his many dastardly acts. This was not our intention. We apologize profusely for this lapse in judgement. History is and will always be clear on the evil that Adolf Hitler perpetuated. The Editor