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The 21st century is a world awash in galloping innovation driven by a growing number of ‘unreasonable’ men and women. The breakthrough in stem cell research with its possibilities in regenerating organic tissues has accelerated the journey to human cloning and with that the spectre of genetic engineering of human embryos and creation of custom made fetuses. Whether this is a good or bad thing is a matter of subjective judgement. [..]

rganisations keen to become more innovative should have a look at the Innovation Matrix that has been devised by Innovation Thinker/ Blogger Tim Kastelle. The Matrix describes where organisations are on their innovation journey in a simple and cogent manner. Beyond that, the Matrix suggests that innovation excellence does not come from one fell swoop. By moving laterally across the matrix you increase your commitment to the jouney and most likely do this through investment in time and resources spent on innovation. By moving vertically up the matrix, you improve or increase your competence. It is a journey of many steps and you must improve both your commitment and competence if you are to reach world class.[..]


Since the advent of modern man the world has witnessed a fascinating progression of innovation and invention. In your mind, what are the most enduringly popular innovations? THE EDITION picks ten - in no particular order of rank, importance or impact:[..]

Ladder Of InferenceTHE CONCEPT

How objective would you say you are? How devoid of bias on most issues? How do you ascertain that you do not jump to hasty conclusions? What process do you go through to ensure for example that in a quick calculation, 2 plus 2 does not equal ten or that the impoverished man rushing at you is not a thug? Each of us has a thinking process that enables us move from observation to judgment and to action. [..]


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In our issue on Branding- Issue #16, we presented an image of Adolf Hitler alongside other current and historical individuals. This was an error on our part. By placing him alongside positive change makers we were seen to have condoned his many dastardly acts. This was not our intention. We apologize profusely for this lapse in judgement. History is and will always be clear on the evil that Adolf Hitler perpetuated. The Editor