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THE EDITION is East Africa’s premier Contemporary Career Magazine, providing ideas and insights on moving ahead in life and work. The magazine is swiftly becoming a significant companion to alert upwardly mobile, globally minded professionals who seek to excel.

To be the benchmark sources of ideas and opportunities that catalyses employer and employee connections in the region.
To Facilitate Meaningful Professional Connections by:

To identify and present news on career and occupational opportunities
To facilitate professional possibilities and career matches
To provide thought leadership, benchmarks and innovations in workplace practices

The Guiding Principle


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Current Edition


In our issue on Branding- Issue #16, we presented an image of Adolf Hitler alongside other current and historical individuals. This was an error on our part. By placing him alongside positive change makers we were seen to have condoned his many dastardly acts. This was not our intention. We apologize profusely for this lapse in judgement. History is and will always be clear on the evil that Adolf Hitler perpetuated. The Editor